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Christian Carter Interviews Marie Forleo


Christian Carter had the opportunity to interview Marie Forleo, an accomplished dancer, choreographer, and sought after fitness professional as well as up and coming relationship expert. She's worked with companies like MTV, VH1, Nike, and Self Magazine. Marie is also a successful personal coach and author of the book: Make Every Man Want You: How To Be So Damn Irresistible You'll Barely Keep From Dating Yourself.

In this interview, Marie Forleo shared with Christian Carter some amazing insights on how to be irresistibly attractive to a man and how to do this in a way that keeps you powerfully grounded in remaining true to who you really are. Lots of women end up finding themselves in the exact situations they’ve told themselves to never get into with a man and end up feeling so frustrated and confused about it that they start acting like someone even they don’t know.

Here are just some of the highlights of Christian Carter’s interview with Marie Forleo.

1. Never Settle

One of the ideas that Marie Forleo stressed was the importance of never SETTLING for a man who doesn't meet YOUR NEEDS. And yes… there’s a way to do this without being one of those “inflexible” people, or acting “bitchy”.

2. Develop an “Irresistible” Mindset Marie shared some fascinating ways you can make yourself irresistible to men. She said that every woman is ALREADY irresistible but there are certain things you're unaware of that are keeping your irresistibility hidden. That there's a kind of self-imposed “lid” on top of the things women naturally have that make them irresistible. And this lid is made up of something so small, yet so pervasive, that it’s almost always there for lots of women. The “lid” is all the negative messages you received growing up… from your family, culture, etc. and the negative messages and beliefs you repeat over in your own mind. These keep you from expressing the irresistible side of YOU and instead replace it with tentative behavior and fear. Marie describes what’s hidden under the “lid” as an untapped gold-mine that you simply need to excavate in order to discover what has ALWAYS been there. There's really nothing more you need to ADD from the outside world. The answer is uncovering the real, natural YOU. How's that for an empowering message?

And sure… it sounds simple. But if you’ve tried it, then you know that it’s not quite that easy. That’s where Marie has some VERY unique insights for women in the dating and relationship world. To uncover that real authentic YOU… who is irresistible… you have to get rid of the baggage and negative thought patterns that keep the “lid" on “your potential.

One common habit of thinking that keeps women from attracting a great guy for a lasting relationship is the habit of thinking that something outside of yourself will give you the happiness that you're looking for. This “outside something” could be your idea of the perfect man… or the perfect job… the perfect house… the perfect date… the perfect way that a man might share his feelings with you… etc. Marie tells Christian Carter that this entire belief of getting something outside yourself that will create the right situations and feeling inside is – in her own words – a “bunch of crap”.

Do you find yourself continually thinking of some fictional time in the future – rather than being in the moment, right here…and right NOW? Most women – and men – live in a fantasy future world most of the time… thinking that there is something more perfect, bigger, better, sexier, more open, more “available”, etc. But Marie says that when you change this habit of thought from looking outside yourself and to the future for satisfaction... and become more aware of what's happening inside YOU in THIS moment… that you'll go a long way towards taking that “lid” off and uncovering your “irresistible self”.

Another great dating tip Marie Forleo shared with Christian Carter is to get into the right “headspace” and start to see things in a more positive and constructive way is to get interested in what you have in your life right now. Start treating it like “This is it. This is my situation. This is my life, my friends, my body, my job, my man or lack thereof… and it's time I stop fantasizing of something better and instead really get curious about making the most of how my life is TODAY.” When you do this, she says you'll shift out of being a past/future based person… and instead you'll become very PRESENT. And when you're PRESENT, your “being”… your irresistible self… will shine through. The whole, creative, intuitive, and irresistible you gets unleashed when you stop focusing on the future or the past… and you get into the present.

3. Get Radically Honest

Have you ever been at the beginning of a relationship… but you felt things were unsure… and you didn't exactly know how the guy felt about you? Perhaps you were wondering what he was thinking… and what you should do next in response. “Should I call now? Should I wait 3 days? Should I not call at all... and wait for him to call me? How does he REALLY feel about me!?” Marie says all this mental stress will fade away as you practice becoming more present. Your intuition will get so much stronger… you'll see very clearly what YOU want… you’ll get all the answers that you’ll ever need to know… and you'll always end up taking the right action… IF you’re living in the present moment and being truthful to yourself. And you’ll naturally start to throw out all those “rules” that you've picked up from books, friends, etc., and you'll begin to follow your inner guiding voice, since now you can trust it to guide you. And if you want things to change or move forward with a man, you'll take the action you need to take at the right time in the present moment when you’re with him.

4. Trash Your “Perfect Man Checklist”

Most women have a long laundry list of the things they're looking for in a man. But Marie says this list often comes from influences OUTSIDE of ourselves…. the culture you live in, the magazines you read, friends and family, past experiences that don’t have much relevance on today, etc.

But by opening her perspective, she allowed this phenomenal guy to enter her life…. a guy who surprised her in so many ways… with all sorts of traits that she had never experienced before… and who turned out to be so much fun! And it’s probably no coincidence that she didn’t run into the same old relationship patterns and emotional experiences she had with all the same kinds of guys she had dated before…So… take that perfect man checklist I know you have in the back of your mind… and throw that thing in the trash can… IMMEDIATELY.

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These are just some of the highlights of Christian Carters Interview with Marie. Sign yourself up now by clicking here to get Christian Carter's Catch Him and Keep Him eBook and Interview Series subscription. 


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