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WHO IS Christian Carter, and How Can he Give WOMEN Dating Advice?

As a child and throughout my life Iíve been fortunate enough to be surrounded by open and communicative womenófamily, friends, women Iíve dated and women I work with. From an early age I got to see a whole range of female perspectives across generations and experiences. My parents divorced, I had an older sister, I had lots of female friends, and my familyís friends were mostly single women.

From the age of 11 until well into my college years, my family would often have guests at the dinner table. The guest list usually consisted of my mom, my sister, and two or three of my momís or sisterís friendsóall women.

I listened intently and developed my own insights from what I heard. I began to intuitively understand what these women experienced and what they felt as I listened to their perspectives on men, emotions, relationships, loveóeverything. I started to understand what ďmade senseĒ to them and how they interacted with the world.

I started to finally ďgetĒ the special language and ďcodeĒ that I didnít understand before, language that I know lots of men never really understand when communicating with women.

It was a great learning experience for me, and one that left me comfortable and empathetic with women. I was privy to all kinds of ďinsideĒ stuff young men donít usually get exposed to until later on in life.

I heard womenís perspectives on dating, attraction, turn-offs, failed relationships, flirting, sex, infidelities, divorceÖ everything. As a young man, each woman wanted to tell me her story so that I wouldnít ďbe like the other guys.Ē They wanted to help me to grow up to be a great guy.

Since then, Iíve realized that there are lots of great guys out there, but they need a little help getting to where they need to be in order to have a healthy relationship with a woman. Men have their own logic and way of communicating. Just as men need to become better at understanding women and what they want, women also have to learn how men think and speak in order to be successful in a relationship.

Iíve had all kinds of dating experiences and relationships. Iíve had love and lost it. Iíve had failures and successes. Iíve been a player and have been played. Iíve hurt women and Iíve been hurt.

Of course, Iíve gone through that typical male ďbachelor syndrome,Ē where I was in a relationship but secretly felt that I wasnít ready to settle down or commit. I denied those feelings for a while because of the woman I was with and what she meant to me. Iíve experienced my own issues over and over and learned that in order to be happy, I had to finally deal with them.

Iíve been on the receiving end of a lot of the mistakes most women make with men because I was the guy making things difficult for her from the other end. I consider myself lucky that I have learned a lot but not hurt any women too badly in the process.

Seeing, living, and studying all this, Iíve learned that I can help women get what they want with dating, love, and relationships because Iíve known hundreds of women and heard thousands of stories. Iíve done my own research and have my own experiences to share as a man.


Catch Him & Keep Him

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