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Here is a little excerpt of one of the things you will learn from Christian Carter inside the Catch Him and Keep Him eBook on Attracting a Man...

Here's a PARTIAL list of what creates that ATTRACTION for a man:

• Unpredictability

• Uncontrollability

• Challenging

• Casual Interplay of Dominance/Submission

Of course, there are many more, but this will get us started. The qualities I've listed above, when presented correctly, trigger the natural "attraction mechanism" inside of men. “Bitchy” women have taken natural qualities that are ATTRACTIVE to women a little "too far.” But because they're still there, the qualities trigger the attraction anyway.

So what does this mean to you? “Selfish” behavior, as unhealthy as this might sound, often makes men feel attracted to you and wins them over to your way of thinking. Weird, huh? Sarcasm, playing hard to get, challenging their behavior and beliefs and all kinds of other "illogical" things like letting a man know that you’ll only date him seriously if he’s open to considering marriage as an option in the future really does work when it comes to attracting and keeping good men around.

Check out the book Why Men Marry Some Women and Not Others by John T. Molloy for more on men and marriage. It’s all there in the cold hard statistics of the women who married and those that didn’t.

Personality Traits That Attract Men

In the next section, I’m going to describe the particular personalities that naturally attract men. But before I do, I’d like to talk about some of these different behaviors and personality traits associated with Intellectual Attraction. Some are better when used in combination with others, and some don’t work well together. Here’s a list with brief descriptions. I’ll talk about how to combine these later.

• Sense of humor. Being funny and witty is just plain powerful with men. If you keep him laughing, things will naturally keep escalating.

• Intelligence and creativity. Intelligence is sexy if it’s used in an interesting way. Use your intelligence and creativity to surprise him with concepts, fantasies, and unexpected things that are charming and fun.

• Thoughtful. Men don’t like to be over-appreciated or be kissed up to. But if you can let a man know that you were thinking about him in a way that doesn’t say “I’m lonely and I need you”, then he’ll love it. Send him a short witty email that lets him know that he’s on your mind.

• Perceptive or noticing details. Men love to be noticed. If he’s really good at something (i.e. sports), or smart in some particular area, he will probably use these things to be important and attractive. Men are impressed by women who notice things about them that make them unique.

• Adventurous. Men bond with other people when there is some kind of adventure with them. So men are instantly drawn to women who suggest and take part in extreme, adventurous, unusual, or even dangerous things. The excitement of the activity transfers over to his perspective of your being an exciting and sexy woman.

• Confident/Playful. Men are magnetically attracted to women who are just a little bit too playful or cocky. Just a little. Some women can be bitchy and distant, but that kind of cold attitude isn’t what I’m talking about. If you watch Renee Russo in the Thomas Crown Affair or Kelly McGillis in Top Gun, you’ll see what I’m talking about. Being assertive with a touch of arrogant humor will make you magical in a man’s eyes.

• Talents & Knowledge. If you’ve got something that you’re an expert in, it can be really attractive. Bring it up with a man in a way that says, “Hey, check this out, this is interesting…” and then do something that surprises him. Don’t do it in a way that says, I’m really smart and cool.”

• Attention. Men like attention. It’s strange how it works too. It’s better to hint that you’re giving them attention than to just give it. Say to a man, “I was thinking about the way you spoke earlier, and I just want to say how much I love the sound of your voice.” Doing that is much more powerful than just sitting there, listening to him, and staring into his eyes, hoping that he feels the connection and understands that you like his voice.

• Being A Challenge. Men often pursue women, but lots of times when a woman likes a man, she’ll start pursuing him, sometimes without even knowing that she’s doing it. If you’re relaxed and casual with a man who might like you or who you like, call him and tell him that you’re bored and that he needs to entertain you. If done in a playful way, he’ll often do his best to do something to get your attention. Let him know that he needs to do something spectacular or else you’re disinterested. It can drive men crazy, but they really love it. Yeah, this can be bratty, but the right touch of brattiness (without the snobby high-maintenance stuff) is just what you’re after.

• Aggressive (just a touch). Men love to see women who can go after something in their life and not be deterred and frustrated by it. And I’m not talking about going after a man. I’m talking about a goal or something in the woman’s own personal life.

• Assertive. Men are used to being the leader. So if a woman is assertive and confident in any social situation, it is a sign to men that she knows how to make things happen. Seeing an assertive woman can be refreshing and intriguing for a man. Although men tend to take the lead, men also love women who can lead.

Catch Him & Keep Him

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