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Here is an excerpt of one of the things you will learn from Christian Carter inside the Catch Him and Keep Him eBook on Men and Dating...

Most men enjoy dating. They date often and get all kinds of benefits and knowledge about women from dating. And given the chance, they’d date more if they could.

On the other hand, lots of women seem to date less than men and tend to look for “quality not quantity.” Women often seem to think that it’s somehow wrong or inappropriate to date very much.

But imagine this… what if you went out on lots of dates but didn’t take any of them to any attached or physical level? I’m asking because I think that this idea could free you up to go out on more dates… And imagine all the new things that you’d learn about men and dating! Do you think you’d start to see some common signals, patterns, and warning signs? Do you think you could go for a little advice in this arena?

Maybe you’d start to learn more about what kind of a man you really don’t like and what kind of men you do like. But unfortunately, women don’t often have these kinds of experiences with dating. Women can date and get to know more than one or two guys, but they usually won’t because they feel strange about it. And society tells women through stories, myths, and media that what’s paramount in dating is to find one quality man and stick with him and make it work.

Women are subtly told that dating several men is somehow “wrong”, even if they’re just getting to know the guys. So let me say it clearly to make sure you’re not confused— this is not a secret - you can date a lot and not be a slut. I’d actually encourage it, as much as you might think that it will be annoying. But you DON’T have to feel attracted to, start to like, or hook up with any of the men you date. So get rid of any pressure on yourself about it. And some women think that they won’t really attract a guy and catch his interest if they don’t fool around with him and work on the physical attraction stuff.

The opposite is actually true—you shouldn’t fool around much at all with men when you’re in the earlier stages of dating and shouldn’t worry about physical attraction too much either. Just go out and learn more about men and what kind of guy fits best with you by dating. And not being intimate will do some good things for you. It will guarantee that you’ll be more objective in your judgment AND that you’ll feel comfortable to date other men and keep learning.

It might seem odd, but dating a few men casually will also trigger major ATTRACTION in the men around you. By not being intimate with the men you’re dating and letting them subtly know you’re open to dating other men and doing the choosing, you’ll send a strong message that you have standards and a man must meet them before you will settle down with him. This creates a unique kind of respect mixed with desired if a man knows that he can’t just have you.

If you’re dating this way, don’t be surprised if several men who didn’t pay that much attention to you before become instantly intrigued by you. And remember how I talked about men wanting to date forever? Men who date a lot get a huge benefit that can turn them into experts when it comes time to choosing a woman to settle down with. They’ve done their homework through real-world experience by figuring out what qualities and temperaments that they fit well with and enjoy the most in a partner. Wouldn’t this work for you too?

Catch Him & Keep Him

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