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Questions to Ask Before Youíre Intimate

The question of timing when considering dating and sexual intimacy is a common question that women ask when looking for dating tips and dating advice. Most single women want to know exactly how to approach sex with a man they recently started dating so that they are not seen as a "conquest" or "easy". Since most men will never turn down a sexual advance made by a woman, it's hard to gauge when the timing is right or when it is too soon.

One dating tip that I think is invaluable to women asking this question is that a woman should never lead a relationship or potential relationship with sex. What this means is sleeping with a man before your relationship is established or in so many cases, before you even really know if you want a relationship with him.

One common theme in dating advice for women is to keep yourself open - however, open means open to future possibilities, not an open door that swings out for any man who knocks. What ďopennessĒ of character or even body language should tell a man is that heís dealing with a woman who has respect for herself and her body. What this also does is attract a HIGH-QUALITY partner to you, someone who will not just be a great romantic partner, but someone who will also be a good friend in the long run.

Ok, so on with the dating tips. You've met a guy you are really attracted to and you believe youíre ready to be intimate for the first time. Maybe. Here are 4 questions you should ask yourself FIRST:

Dating Tips for Sexual Timing Decisions:

1. Do you actually know him?

2. Is he physically healthy? And ladies, donít look at him and say yes. You cannot tell who has gotten a disease by how they look on the outside or how many times a day they bathe. If he is willing to get a test then you know that he is in this for more than a quick tumble. If he refuses, thatís a good sign they are not a responsible partner because if you have nothing to hide - you hide nothing.

3. How is your self-esteem level? Has something happened lately to make you feel more in need of this sort of physical/emotional validation? If you are doing this for a reason such as feeling insecure, low or doubtful - stop right there and donít do it. You should only be sexual for the right reasons.

4. Are you sober? If you are not sober, if you are drunk, tipsy or altered in any way - donít do it. Things that feel right when we are in an altered state often do not feel right the next day. It's much easier to do something later that you have never done than to undo something you should have never done.

Show the man that you have an open heart, and open mind, and an open (but not necessarily available) body. This will attract a much more QUALITY man into your life. As always, dating tips and dating advice should be taken and applied to your life in a way that FITS your life and your situation. These are dating guidelines for women only, and should be used at your discretion.

Be good to yourself.

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