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Do you know how most women end up losing the man in their life? Do you know the reason most men end up losing interest in the woman who they used to be wild about? Do you know how to lose a man, and how to do it lightning-fast? How to lose a man is an interesting topic that there was an entire movie made about.

But why would you want to find dating advice for women on how to LOSE a man? Well, I'm going to throw out a crazy idea for you to think about...I'm going to suggest that you are probably already an EXPERT at losing a man. In fact, it might just come naturally for you. For lots of women, this seems to be the case.

But the real PROBLEM is that most women don't UNDERSTAND why they're so good at LOSING the man in their life. In other words, they walk through the world screwing up one situation after another and never realize just how good they are at being bad with understanding men. They don't realize that by changing just a few key things they could change their lives and their experiences with men DRAMATICALLY. One great way to increase your success in life is to start REALIZING what you're doing.

Most people call this AWARENESS.

If YOU want to be more aware NOW - go here:

The point being, once you actually understand what you're doing and the results you're helping to create around you, you can CHANGE. So open your mind. Listen up. Start to become more aware as I share some things you're probably doing when it comes to men, dating, and relationships.


Try this on for size...What happens if a man expects you to act or behave a certain way that's "negative" and he doesn't like... and then you show up and act this way? Right.

Not only does he not like the way you're being with him... but you're also doing something else that will have him seeing you in an even worse'll be acting very PREDICTABLE and fulfilling all of the worst expectations a man might have about you, or about women in general.

Here's a great dating tip for women: you, like lots of other women, are probably acting in a ways that are often very PREDICTABLE to men. In fact, PAINFULLY predictable.

The thing is... as humans, we do basically the same things when we get into common situations as others, and we don't even realize it. Predictable responses to common situations happen often enough for most people that when we get around someone new in our life... we can often guess what's going to happen next.

Part of this serves a useful purpose for us socially and in the way we relate and connect with each other. But part of it works entirely AGAINST US. Here's why being predictable can be so bad when it comes to men and dating...

Look at this formula:

Predictable = Boring

Boring = Emotionally Flat

Emotionally Flat = No ATTRACTION

No Attraction = No Interest or Attention or Affection From A Man

One of the VERY BEST ways to lose a man is to act or become very PREDICTABLE. A huge dating mistake women make that causes them to start acting predictable to men in negative ways is GIVING AWAY YOUR POWER or putting your life "on hold" for a man while you're trying to make sure your relationship is working.

I'm not going to go into everything about this or how it works this second, but if you've dated a man seriously before... and you've later broken up with him, then odds are you've realized something like this that went on inside yourself. The reality is that men are NOT attracted to women who aren't living their lives in a fulfilling way.

At least not HEALTHY AND ATTRACTIVE MEN who would rather have NO RELATIONSHIP and be alone if they can't have the right kind of relationship for them.

If you act or feel lonely or hopeless, or if you are waiting to share love with a man to start experiencing joy in your life, you are shooting yourself in the foot and getting in your own way in so many types of situations you can't even see it right now.

Here are a few more dating tips for women on how women act PREDICTABLE, give too much of themselves away, and make about 129 other huge mistakes with men they've just met or are dating:

1) Calling Him All The Time

If you like or love someone, it's great to let them know, right? Yes and No. There's a way to let a man know you love him or you're thinking about him that will "fill his sails" and draw him even closer to you.


There's a way to let a man know you love him or you're thinking about him that will end up making him feel like you're "needy" and clingy and he'll want space away from you.

It's great if you feel so strongly for a man and you share such a great connection that you can't wait until the next time you talk. But even if you're not feeling "needy" about why you call a man all the time... a man will often PERCEIVE this as a sign of INSECURITY and NEEDINESS and actually start wanting to talk to you and be around you less and less.

It usually feels like a good idea when the urge to call a man and get in touch comes up, and you don't want to play "games" or censor yourself. And if a man could just open up to you, then you could talk all the time and it would feel great and do wonders for your relationship. But the reality is that it almost NEVER works this way for HIM.

Calling a man all the time and constantly wanting to talk, and to have him talk to you is a great way to lose a man before you even have him. And interestingly enough, it doesn't leave a man much space to be coming towards you and GIVING to you the attention and interest that he could be if he wasn't responding and reacting to you all the time.

Some women are so busy giving and trying to communicate and be close to a man that they cover up all the space, time and opportunity where a man would otherwise be giving back to them. Of course, it takes slowing down and not acting on those little emotional and mental impulses all the time to create this kind of space...

2) Doing "Nice Things" And Favors For Him

What do lots of women do when they meet a guy that they "really like" and things are slow to come together? Well, they get into a series of long life conversation about schools and families and jobs and 100 other everyday things that everyone has going on in their lives... only to realize that it isn't creating ATTRACTION inside the man even though they're sharing with each other.

He's completely "in his own head" and not paying much attention to them.

So what do they do?

They think to themselves, "I better come up with some way to connect with him as a woman to a man. Why don't I try and HELP HIM with some of the stuff he's having a hard time with. That way I can help him out with what's bothering him and he'll like me and know that I like him."

I call this the "Super-Sized Friend Approach" where a woman tries to get a man to fall for her by being a kind of "super friend". If you've ever bought a man a gift for no other reason than the sole intent of getting them to like you, then you've done this one. (Kind of like how some men think that if they take a woman out to an expensive dinner or buy her fancy things that this will win her love and affection)

But what does this REALLY communicate?

What does this really do for a MAN when a woman tries to help him out with his own "burdens" in life? Does it make him start feeling ATTRACTION and LOVE for her?

Or does it do something else?

Doing this communicates a few different subtle things:

A) That you're his "friend", and not a woman for him to want and desire.

B) That you don't have the confidence or the ability to get him to spend time with you for NO REASON other than the fact that you'll be together... and that you must not be WORTH spending time with without some kind of bribe or "incentive" for him.

C) That you have to do things in order to win his LOVE and APPROVAL for you... and that you'll do anything including spending your precious time and energy helping him do even mundane everyday stuff in his life just so he'll like you. Seeking a man's approval by doing stuff even he wouldn't want to do only tells a man that you don't value yourself and your time...and so neither will he.

3) Acting Like His Girlfriend From The Beginning

So where is the dating advice here? Well, what's better than a nice, thoughtful woman who is loving and reassuring and nurturing from the very first date?

Well, to a man lots of things are a woman that he doesn't even know if he should want "logically"... but he can't help it anyway. Or a woman he can't stop thinking about and can't quite figure out. Or a woman who is so ATTRACTIVE on a physical AND mental/emotional level that nothing else really seems to matter but wanting to be with her.

But lots of women make the huge mistake of thinking that the way to "date" a man is really the same thing as being a good "girlfriend". Of course, this thought process isn't too conscious. It's just the way they act around a man. And it ends up ruining things before they even begin. The man is just starting to get to know her, and if he feels a "serious relationship" starting before he's even had time to figure out how he feels about this woman and if she'd be right for him... most of the time he'll pull away without any explanation.

If you come on too strong too soon in terms of calling him "pet names", or staying home on Friday and Saturday nights, or naming your kids before you know each others last names... you'll appear just like every other predictable woman that has ever tried to figure out what a man and a relationship is all about before it even gets time to grow.

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I'll talk to you again soon, and best of luck in Life and Love

Your Friend,

Christian Carter

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