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If you know how to communicate the right way, men will respond to you RIGHT FROM THE BEGINNING with a HIGH LEVEL of interest and ATTRACTION. When you know how to incorporate flirting as a form of "adult verbal play," you tune in to a frequency in a man's mind and cause him to go into a very special kind of emotional state.

One of the keys to effective flirting is to "get it". In other words, you have to actually get out there and practice so you get a "feel" for how it works. I think a lot of women give up when they try a cute line or technique and a man responds negatively. Instead of just realizing that they need more practice or that the man might have just been in a bad mood or maybe he is just one of those horrible "I don't have a sense of humor" cases, they take it personally and decide that it means they're a failure and should stop trying. Or if they flirt with a guy, connect with him, and then he turns out to be a toad instead of a Prince, they secretly decide that being the one to flirt is bad and creates negative outcomes with men.

So donít be a quitter! Read on...

Take my word for it... once you learn how to flirt youíll start to have amazing interactions with men everywhere Ė on the train, in line at the grocery store, or even on the street. And amazing things will start to happen when you have the excitement and energy that comes into your life from being able to do this with men and just have fun with it. But whatís even better is that a woman who has OPTIONS and who can afford to be clear and SELECTIVE about the one lucky man she chooses both attracts the right kind of man, and usually has several to choose from. How great does that sound!?

Here are some great online dating and flirting tips:

#1: Treat men kindly...If a single guy you are not interested in approaches you and flirts nice.... All the other men are watching to see what you do. If you laugh and make fun of him after he leaves or act "put out", you are killing your chances on anyone other men approaching you. Even if you donít like the guy, be nice, shake his hand, tell him you appreciate what it takes to come talk to someone you donít know and then let him down kindly.

#2: PERSISTENCE!!! Ok ladies - guys can be dense - we need to guide them. You need to let him know in at least three different verbal or non-verbal ways that you are interested in him! After he finally gets the hint, he will know its ok to approach you and the rest will be a snap.

#3: always gets a man's attention. Ask him if you can tell him a secret...Then whisper in his ear: 'I just love your shirt...can I buy it from you when you are done with it?' This is SO SEXY he wonít know what hit him, and very unusual too!

#4: IF he acts like an ass, be polite - but firm. Tell him, without animosity, to go practice his moves on someone else until he knows how to speak to a lady. Let's face it girls, we need to train them.

#5: Don't be around other don't want to be rejected in front of an audience - they are much less likely to approach a group than a single girl. If you do go out with a friend, which most of us do, then try to separate every so often or take a breather from talking - look around the room, sit back, kind of "remove yourself" from the group a little.

#6: LOOK HIM UP AND DOWN! Guys do this to us all the time - nod in approval and then flash him your most winning smile.

#7: Look back over your shoulder...and smile at him. This is a classic sign of interest.


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