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Christian Carter Interviews Rori Raye


Christian Carter of Catch Him and Keep Him interviewed Rori Raye, (formerly known as Rori Gwynne) noted dating coach, this month in his Interviews With Dating & Relationships Experts series. Dating Coach Rori Gwynne (Rori Raye) has some excellent dating tips in general, and relationship advice for women especially.

Rori begins the interview by telling Christian how she made some terrible choices in men in her early dating career. When she met her husband, she was not interested in him at all. She realized, however, that the choices she had been making were not good choices, and she made a conscious choice to give her husband a chance. After making this choice, she and her husband began dating and were married within 6 months.

However, the fairy tale ended after the birth of her daughter. Rori began to feel angry and unhappy in her marriage. She realized she was being manipulative of her husband, she was telling him what to do constantly, and with her constant interference was actually pushing him away.

Coach Rori realized what she was doing, and began the road to healing her marriage by instantly stopping the manipulation of her husband, stopping the interference and the way she was pushing him. She noticed an immediate difference in her marriage.

Coach Rori has identified 5 keys to success in any relationship. She tells Christian Carter that the first key she has discovered is deciding to be in a relationship. Being in a relationship means giving up independence. In the first step, deciding to go into a relationship, Rori Raye explains that women must ready themselves for a relationship. She encourages them to clean out a drawer for a man, make her house and bedroom ready for another person, and to essentially “create a void” for her partner to eventually fill.

Step 2 is separating the masculine and feminine - the thinking, decision making, doing masculine energy partner, or the feeling, intuitive, sensual female partner. Like an intricate dance, there can be some fluctuation, with either partner at times showing attributes of the other, but for the most part, develop your role as the feminine or masculine. One way that women drive men away is by trying to be in control all the time, deciding where to go and when to go and how to do things. By making these decisions, the woman is telling the man he is not doing it right, he is not capable of taking a leadership role.

The third step is to “support the team”. The decision must be made to support the relationship in everything you do. The fourth key is to “respect the masculine” and stopping the disrespect toward the partner. The fifth key is to express the feminine. Express the feminine gender in “just being”, stopping when you are rushing, experiencing feelings and allowing those feelings to come through.

Rori also highly recommends not having a sexual relationship with a man for quite a while. Sexual relationships leave women vulnerable and create almost an addiction through attraction. Rori also encourages women to focus on how they feel, and not what the man is thinking.

Coach Rori Raye tells Christian Carter that her mantra is “Trust your boundaries, follow your feelings, choose your words and be surprised.” Rori truly encourages a woman to follow this mantra, trusting in your inner self and following your feelings by allowing yourself to feel your emotions and express them, but to express them by saying “I feel this” and give no explanation, allowing the man to step into his role and explore why you feel the way you do if he is able to. When you choose your words by with-holding some of the explanations for your feelings, you allow the man to explore his own feelings and his own place in the relationship.

The happy ending to this all is the “surprise”. If you allow your man to explore his own needs without putting your feelings in his mouth so to speak, you will be surprised at how it all turns out and how you and your partner will grow together and into a cohesive, well rounded unit.

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Here is a little bit about Coach Rori’s book:

Have you ever wondered why some women seem to naturally attract great men, while your friends keep telling you the only men out there are losers? What if your friends are wrong? What if there really are plenty of great, available men? What if your Mr. Perfect-For-You really is out there, and you don’t even have to go looking for him, because he’s looking for you? What if the relationship you’re in could be the relationship of your dreams? Have you found yourself screaming and yelling, and feeling frustrated and angry because your boyfriend “doesn’t want to get married” – for any number of reasons – “he’s scared, he’s just not ready, he needs more time? Do you walk around thinking you don’t deserve love, even though your heart tells you you do? Are all your past relationship disasters making you feel like giving up on love?

What if it was so much easier than anyone ever told you to interest a man and draw him close? There’s a reason any man picks you out of a crowd. And there’s a reason he keeps asking you out. The truth is that most women use words and body language that work wonderfully - for pushing men away. There's another way of talking and moving that makes men instinctively come toward you. And what do you do if you’re in a relationship that doesn’t seem to be going anywhere? How did you get there, and what should you do now? Does it seem that your options are to just keep going, frustrated and unhappy, or to leave? There’s another way, a third way to see if this man you’re with is the right man. It’s a way to see him and relationship free of all the drama and confusion. It’s a way to stop doing what’s pushing him away, and those things will surprise you. We think we need to be nice, when what he really wants is for us to be REAL. We believe we need to be heard, and yet we speak in words he can’t hear – words that blame him rather than express our own feelings. We often feel that we’re expressing ourselves, and yet we create drama to keep from seeing what’s really in front of us.

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