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Recently, I got this advice from a member of my website, and really felt the heartache this reader is experiencing. This is her email to me….

I need your advice urgent because I’m about to lose it.

When I met my boyfriend he was the most amazing guy ever. He treated me with all the respect in the world and really showed me how much he loved and cared for me. We could talk for hours and spent most of our time together. He use to call and text me hole day telling me how much he miss me and he is thinking of me. 3 months ago we got engaged and everybody was just happy for us. We started planning the wedding together and just couldn't wait to get married anymore.

But for the past month he is so distant, aloof and hardly calls or text me. He ignores me and when we do spent time together he makes like I don't exist. He doesn’t consider my feelings and don't appreciate me in anyway. I’m a complete mess I don't know how to deal with his behavior.

What makes me more sick is the fact that I found out he is seeing somebody else HE WILL SIT NEXT TO ME AND TEXT HER I asked him about it but he denied it.

But he is more on the phone with her than he is with me.


Please help me

First of all, let me express to you that I am so sorry you are going through this pain in your relationship. What I am about to tell you comes straight from my learnings from the Christian Carter eBook Catch Him and Keep Him, and if you have not read the ebook, I suggest you do so soon, as I really believe it will help you.

I can tell your heart is filled with love for this man. But he is treating you badly, and the fact that he is texting this other woman while you are there is a behavior that you need to NOT tolerate.
So let me tell you what you should do, and this may not be what you want to hear, but be strong, and you will make it through this.

You need to tell this man that his behavior is unacceptable to you, and that you are not going to tolerate it further. If he wants to be with this other woman, then he cannot have you as well, as you are WORTH MORE than this, and your PRIDE AND DIGNITY will not allow you to be treated like this any longer. And then – you need to ignore him. Walk away, do not contact him, do not text him or email him or communicate with him, until HE comes to YOU.

Its obvious he feels something for you, but in the way that he is treating you now, he is KNOWS that he can get away with it. He knows that he can have this other woman, and you, at the same time. This is not acceptable! You are ALLOWING him to walk all over your own dignity by allowing this behavior to continue. So stop it in its tracks.

Taking a VERY IMPORTANT excerpt from page 47 of Christian Carter’s Catch Him and Keep Him eBook, “Don’t EVER start off as the “casual girl” if you want the option of a full and committed relationship in the future. If a relationship is what you’re after, you have to be “girlfriend material” and make sure that you are clear FROM THE START that the only way you’ll be with him is for a relationship, not for something casual”.

So, you need to end this behavior right here and now, and be clear to him that you are worth more and that you want more, and if he cannot give it to you, then YOU DO NOT WANT HIM. You are the hot commodity here, not him, and you need to present yourself as such by setting these boundaries.

It may be difficult, but do it, and see what happens. If he does not come back to you once he realizes he cannot have you, then you need to TRULY move on to someone else who will treat you the way you deserve.


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